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Job Aids and Other Resources

Payroll Module #01 - Getting Started at a New Location

Payroll Module #02 - Preparing Sign-In-Out Time Cards

Payroll Module #03 - Entering Time Using the Employee List by Cost Center

Payroll Module #04 - Time Anticipation

Payroll Module #05 - Extended Day-to-Day Substitutes

Payroll Module #06 - Lump Sum Differentials

Payroll Module #07 - Categorical Funding

Payroll Module #08 - HR Master Data

Payroll Module #09 - Employee List by Cost Center

Payroll Module #10 - Employee List for Positive Time Reporting

Payroll Module #11 - Display Working Time

Payroll Module #12 - Vacation Balance Report

Payroll Module #13 - Final Time Report

Payroll Module #14 - Time Entry Corrections

Payroll Module #15 - Quota Report Shortcut

Payroll Module #16 - Auxiliary Assignments

Time Reporting Instructions and Duties for Displaced Teacher/Counselor 2019-2020

Payroll website

Absence & Attendance Codes

Common Time Reported Items with Object and Commitment Code Chart

Crosswalk (Object Codes and Commitment Items)

Job Aid - Entering Wage Type Differentials; November 1, 2018

Job Aid - ZCAT2 - Maintain Times for Other EEs

Job Aid - Parental Leave; July 10, 2017

Job Aid - Appropriate Use of PN (Personal Necessity) Absence

Job Aid - Protected Personal Necessity; October 1, 2017

Job Aid - Vacation Balance Report (ZTMRVACBAL); December 1, 2017

Job Aid - 1994 Vasted Vacation Bank; October 1, 2017

NEW --Cafeteria Staff-New Time Reporting Requirements Training PDF 3.25.19

Job Aid - 2018-2019 Holiday Pay and Time Entry Instructionss for Winder and Spring Break

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