How to find classes from Organizational Excellence inside the Learning Zone:

Please begin by printing these instructions.


Step 1: Enter your single sign-on username and password (the same
sign-on you use for District email).




Step 2: Click the "Courses" tab.



Step 3: Click "Course Catalog."



Step 4: In the box next to "Course Name," type in any part of the course name you would like to search. In the box next to "Program Name," select "Organizational Excellence" and then click the "Search" button.



Step 5: Alternatively, you may click "Class Offerings" in Step 3 and in the box next to
"Program" select, "Organizational Excellence.” Next to "Keyword," you may enter any part of a class name or leave blank to search through all of Organizational Excellence's current offerings. Finally, click the "Search" button.

Please proceed, now, to the Learning Zone at